Marko Rakar White hat, Red team

My unique blend of skills includes knowledge of IT, management, statistics, data management, communication, media and politics. I am also a fast learner and exceptionally good at pattern recognition.
I have designed, built and managed advanced statistical, BI and predictive analytics systems designed to predict customer/supplier behavior, increase process efficiencies, find and eliminate hidden costs and simplify decision making, as well as identify, prevent, and/or disrupt criminal, fraudulent and money laundering activities.

My work experience over the years include a number of managerial positions which helped me develop deep understanding of finance, accounting and auditing standards and procedures. I wrote hundreds of articles for different national and international newspapers, magazines and web portals. I am also regular guest lecturer and keynote speaker on a number of universities, conferences and seminars worldwide.
I have designed and executed a number of successful public affair campaigns designed to shape, reframe or steer public opinion on ideas, projects, individuals or organizations.
I am accustomed to work as a fixer in a high-stress and/or crisis environment.
My past or present clients are banks, insurance companies, media, retail and processing industry as well as governments, law enforcement, political candidates and parties.


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